Can you imagine feeling healthy, happy and pain-free?

It is possible!
Let Dr. Sally help you get 
healthy and stay healthy. ​

Board Certified Traditional Naturopath

Sally Wendel, ND


“When I met Dr. Sally, I thought I was healthy because I was skinny. My skin was broken out, my hair was thinning, and I had no energy. I was anything but healthy!  Sally, helped me see the truth about my poor habits and the damage I was doing to myself. Through a combination of good eating/sleeping suggestions, supplements to address my particular deficiencies, and even Evox sessions to break destructive thinking habits, she helped me completely change my life. My hair is thick, my skin glows, and I am living an active lifestyle. Most importantly, though, I am happy. I feel good and I love myself enough to feed my body with healthy food and to feed my mind with positive thoughts. These wonderful life-saving changes are all a result of Sally’s medical knowledge and her empathy to truly see what I needed. She helped me to work miracles in my life. I can not recommend her highly enough."  - R.J.

"We came to Sally mentally exhausted after fighting for years with our sons skin issues. She provided a breath of fresh air in his treatment and made us feel confident that we were moving in the right direction with him. She was always there to answer questions and provide guidance as we worked through the process, which is very rare. Sally’s care provided our son with relief for the first time in years, for that we are forever grateful."  - P. W. Family

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